KC Psych Fest / Charlotte Street Foundation Collaborative Audio & Visual at La Esquina 2016-01-22

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[Kansas City, MO] Charlotte Street Foundation is happy to announce a closing reception to celebrate Kevin Harris’ exhibition, Survival Always Sounds So Exciting, Friday, January 22nd, 2016 at 8PM at la Esquina Gallery Space ( 1000 W 25th Street, Kansas City, Mo). KC Psych Fest will present live music performances by Eric Hall (St. Louis) and Expo ’70 (KC), with live video projection accompaniments by artists, Kevin Harris and VJDN8.

Kevin Harris’ Survival Always Sounds so Exciting, is a sound sculpture utilizing multiple channels of audio to present an electronically created physical environment. As a sonic play, the piece uses dialogue, created with online Text to Speech tools, to examine the psychology of deception and self-deception. Through a series of mundane conversations mediated and determined by their environment, digital actors speak a language absent of context. The installation uses sound synthesis to re-create the geometric and sonic parameters of a Walgreens retail store. It is this setting that informs the dialogue being spoken, resulting in a new symbiotic relationship between language and environment.

Kevin Harris is a St. Louis–based artist, musician, and engineer. His music has been commissioned by numerous organizations, and his visual art has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. His recent work focuses on the fabrication of immersive electronic environments.

KC Psych Fest started in 2012 as a way to bring together outsider musical acts and celebrate the variety of experimental music within Kansas City, particularly genres that ventured into the psychedelic realm. The goal of KC Psych Fest is to promote music that is adventurous and mind expanding. The festival aims to be genre-spanning. Folk, ambient, garage, heavy, electronic, drone, pop, rock, etc are all welcome – both young and established.

Eric Hall is a St. Louis, MO composer, improviser, producer, and performer of electronic-based music and video, as well as an installation artist, DJ, and freelance music and arts educator.

VJDN8 (Nate Bogert) blends his own video library with a live feed. This on the fly interaction offers a one of kind sensory experience that allows the audience to transcend to the next level as VJDN8 creates forever evolving extra-sensory dimensions.

Expo ’70 (Justin Wright) began producing this otherworldly music in 2003 while living in Los Angeles. Residing in Kansas City, Missouri now, Wright produces music that is sought after by people all over the world. Wright has toured extensively over the last several years. More recently Wright has added a drummer and bassist to the mix which has started release albums and touring less.

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