Living Hour // Rachel Mallin + The Wild Type // New Baboons – Presented by KC Psych Fest

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KANSAS CITY, MO. – KC Psych Fest resumes last year’s tradition of sponsoring semioccasional non-festival events in support of the psychedelic music scene in Kansas City. A special March 22nd show at miniBar will feature performances by Winnipeg-based dream-pop band Living Hour and supporting acts Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type and New Baboons.
Living Hour, performing the first leg of a thirty city tour in support of their debut self-titled release on Lefse Records (Youth Lagoon, Neon Indian, Weed, How to Dress Well, Absolutely Free), arrive in Kansas City with much anticipation. Their dreamy love songs inspired by the cinematic sky of their hometown, blend shimmering guitar pop with thick casio drones and uniquely powerful, smoky vocals. Watery echoes of gorgeously sung melodies, psychedelic interlocking guitar, and huge driving crescendos create an enchanting wall of blissful dream pop. Stereogum declared that “Winnipeg rockers Living Hour dream big with grandiose, all-encompassing shoegaze that stretches to the ends of the earth…With gauzy guitar hooks and wide-open, drifting vocals, Living Hour wear their heart on their sleeve, and “Seagull” will no doubt pull on heartstrings. It is equal parts scuzzy noise and charming dream-pop.”
Local support is by buzzworthy band Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type and rock & roll outfit New Baboons. Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type will grace the stage with their take on dreamy indie rock following multiple performances at SXSW in Austin, Texas and in preparation for a new EP to come out in mid-2016. New Baboons are an up-and-coming rock band that manage to harness the sound of vintage ‘60s psychedelic rock and bring it to ‘90s Pavement and Sebadoh.
Check out the Facebook event page for more details on this show.

Be/Non Record Release Party – Scottish Rite 2016/02/28

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KANSAS CITY, MO. – Kansas City-based Haymaker Records releases the album Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic by space rock group Be/Non on vinyl LP and digital media on leap day February 29, 2016. Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is the sixth album for Be/Non and will be celebrated with an album release concert entitled MEDITATION: A Live Presentation of Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic by Be/Non in the temple of the Kansas City Scottish Rite, 1330 Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO, on Sunday February 28th 6-10PM.

In 1996, Brodie Rush and his rock band Be/Non recorded two sets of songs in a small home studio in Lawrence, Kansas – material that would become their first two EPs released on cassette. Twenty years later and with a rotating cast of band members, Be/Non is still at it and proud to present the release Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic. Recorded over the course of six years in Brodie Rush’s home studio, the album features Be/Non family old and new performing compelling songs that incorporate pop elements into synth-drenched space rock. A musical direction unlike all previous endeavors, Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic is a meditative album based on deep thought and cosmic oneness. It’s a one-two punch into the unknown with intuitive trajectory, a must-listen for those with a bucket-list for the bizarre. The vinyl is pressed in limited edition purple blob vinyl with digital download included. It is the fifth vinyl release for Haymaker Records.

The show on February 28th will feature Be/Non playing the new album in its entirety, rotating in musicians who assisted in its creation. The Kansas City Scottish Rite was chosen as a location for the event out of a curiosity surrounding the Masonic temple itself that will undoubtedly compliment the music and viewing experience. Built in 1928 and featuring classic Greek design inspired by the ancient mausoleum at Halicarnassus in Caria, the temple has a rich history in Kansas City but little in the way of public music performances. Christian Hankel will be handling stage production for the event and Kansas City catering company Cool Guy Foods will provide catered small bites. Copies of the new vinyl record will be available to the public for the first time at this event. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details.

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KC Psych Fest / Charlotte Street Foundation Collaborative Audio & Visual at La Esquina 2016-01-22

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[Kansas City, MO] Charlotte Street Foundation is happy to announce a closing reception to celebrate Kevin Harris’ exhibition, Survival Always Sounds So Exciting, Friday, January 22nd, 2016 at 8PM at la Esquina Gallery Space ( 1000 W 25th Street, Kansas City, Mo). KC Psych Fest will present live music performances by Eric Hall (St. Louis) and Expo ’70 (KC), with live video projection accompaniments by artists, Kevin Harris and VJDN8.

Kevin Harris’ Survival Always Sounds so Exciting, is a sound sculpture utilizing multiple channels of audio to present an electronically created physical environment. As a sonic play, the piece uses dialogue, created with online Text to Speech tools, to examine the psychology of deception and self-deception. Through a series of mundane conversations mediated and determined by their environment, digital actors speak a language absent of context. The installation uses sound synthesis to re-create the geometric and sonic parameters of a Walgreens retail store. It is this setting that informs the dialogue being spoken, resulting in a new symbiotic relationship between language and environment.

Kevin Harris is a St. Louis–based artist, musician, and engineer. His music has been commissioned by numerous organizations, and his visual art has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. His recent work focuses on the fabrication of immersive electronic environments.

KC Psych Fest started in 2012 as a way to bring together outsider musical acts and celebrate the variety of experimental music within Kansas City, particularly genres that ventured into the psychedelic realm. The goal of KC Psych Fest is to promote music that is adventurous and mind expanding. The festival aims to be genre-spanning. Folk, ambient, garage, heavy, electronic, drone, pop, rock, etc are all welcome – both young and established.

Eric Hall is a St. Louis, MO composer, improviser, producer, and performer of electronic-based music and video, as well as an installation artist, DJ, and freelance music and arts educator.

VJDN8 (Nate Bogert) blends his own video library with a live feed. This on the fly interaction offers a one of kind sensory experience that allows the audience to transcend to the next level as VJDN8 creates forever evolving extra-sensory dimensions.

Expo ’70 (Justin Wright) began producing this otherworldly music in 2003 while living in Los Angeles. Residing in Kansas City, Missouri now, Wright produces music that is sought after by people all over the world. Wright has toured extensively over the last several years. More recently Wright has added a drummer and bassist to the mix which has started release albums and touring less.

KC Psych Fest Event Page
Charlotte Street Foundation Event Page
Facebook Event Page


KC Psych Fest 2015

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KC Psych Fest 2015 @recordBar
KC Psych Fest 2015 @recordBar

Come celebrate recordBar‘s 10th Anniversary with the 4th Annual KC Psych Fest. This is a two-night event on Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd at recordBar. The night’s entertainment features both local and touring musical acts with a broad range of adventurous musical styles.

The shows are 18+ and only $10 each night. Video projection provided both nights by Steve Gardells


Friday, October 2nd
Advance tickets available at
Facebook Event Page:

7:00PM – RLT (Kansas City)
8:00PM – Via Luna (Kansas City)
9:00PM – Holy Gallows (Memphis)
10:00PM – Crushed Out (Brooklyn)
11:00PM – The Philistines (Kansas City)
12:00AM – Merlin (Kansas City)


Saturday, October 3rd
Advance tickets available at
Facebook Event Page:

7:00PM – El Condor (Kansas City)
8:00PM – Jorge Arana Trio (Kansas City)
9:00PM – Be/Non (Kansas City)
10:00PM – Van Allen Belt (Pittsburgh)
11:00PM – Wet Socks (Savannah, GA)
12:00AM – Slim Twig (Toronto)

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KC Psych Fest Showcase at Crossroads Music Fest 2015

The 11th annual Crossroads Music Fest kicks off tonight at 6:00 at seven different venues in the Crossroads arts district of Kansas City. The Haymaker Records Stage will be at MOD Gallery featuring the KC Psych Fest showcase with Dark Satellites, Riala, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, The Philistines, Janet the Planet, 3 Son Green, and the psychedelic DJ workings of DJ Mod Professor (DJ Ray Velasquez). We’ll have brilliant screen projection work by VJDN8.

It will be a real treat for the eyes and ears and cheap drinks all night. We can’t say enough about CMF and all the great local music acts it has helped expose over the years and are so happy to be a part of it. See you tonight!


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