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Oh yeah, we’ve got one more really teriffic thing to add, and that thing is COMOROS.

COMOROS began in 2007 when Jen and Adam Melinn attempted to connect enough echo and delay effects to endlessly repeat their musical improvisations. Primarily a guitar and synthesizer duo, they have released two LPs and an assortment of tapes and discs all centered around that initial experiment of blending all sounds together in diminishing returns, aiming for the elimination of ego and the awareness of an audible location. They are playing their first shows outside of their home city of Philadelphia this year and KC Psychfest with undoubtedly be the highlight of the tour.

Return of The Fest V

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Ladies and gentlemen without further ado: the last 4 bands we’re adding to the bill.


Aurograph is so new, We dont even have a picture for them. What we know is that Mark Sutherland is involved along with Ashley Miller and Shawn Hansen, and that this is his website. But mystery is sexy. We like sexy.


Parts Of Speech

Parts of Speech consists of Brandon Knocke (vocals, keyboards, programming), Alexander Thomas (acoustic/electronic drums, samples), and Adam Davies (guitar and good vibes). Though initially formed in late 2009 as a live vehicle for Knocke’s solo electronic music, a more collaborative and organic sound evolved out of the creative pairing. The results are sonically adventurous and moody, while the emphasis on groove and melody keep things accessible to a wide range of music listeners. And get ready for a kraut-rock vibe for the fest -per the band.


Gemini Revolution

Gemini Revolution is another brainchild of Dedric and Delaney Moore, the keys and bass that fuels Monta At Odds. It’s the brothers Moore, so you know what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed. And get ready for a brand new homage to the Geminid shower the brothers witnessed. Going to take you into outerspace exploration with ambient textures.



Metatone is an Other-World groove septet from right here in K.row C.ity USA. Their music is a sort of spiritual weaponry, only imagine a sword being used at home for cooking instead of warfare. Their live shows are rare, rhythmic and radicool.

Metatone is:
J. Ashley Miller, Lyrical Mastermind, Beginner’s Mind and Finger Picking Melodix
Jon Kraft: Tom Lover, Side-Stickler, Pocket Protector
Gary Miller: Myriad Percussion, Take-You-To-Church-Vocal-Breakdowns, and Additional Pocket Protection
Rabbit Killer: Handler of the Infamous Mr. Squeaky; Eternal Voice of the Tiny Mountains
Rhys Ziemba: Finger Picking Counter-Melodix, Musicology, Kalimbaaaaaaaaa!
Abbi Miller: Eggs-Above-The-Legs, Beautiful Post-Broadway Harmonies, and Quite a Few Foxy Formations
Ian Teeple: Summoning Sub-concious Sub-Bass Sublimation

Return of The Fest IV

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Hello again psychedelic cats and dogs. Here’s our latest batch of bands that’ll be joining us. I’m literally trembling with excitement.


Aaron Martin

Large open spaces, layer upon layer of rich detail, texture for miles and a depth that will make you feel like you’re in a watery grave with the Titanic, glued to the sea floor looking up through miles of dark water to the sun that you might never see again. Topeka’s Aaron Martin will drown you in sound.


Snake Island!

Snake Island describe themselves as “fuzzed-out teenage blues; reverb-drenched psychedelia; a maniacal force of volume; shamans of love; runaway sons of a post-nuclear age and most exulted revelators of the secret cosmic Id”. If that doesn’t get your psychedelic heart throbbing, then there’s not much hope for you.


Your Reflection

Your Reflection is a collaborative project between Luke Rocha and Mike Hutcherson. It’s funkier than you’re prepared for. The guitars are fuzzy, the synth is Moog-tastic, the samples are potent and the beats are groove inducing. Also, if you’re into that whole “cool by association” thing, Hutcherson toured with the Twin Shadow, so, you know, that’s pretty rad.


Monta At Odds

Seasons change, snow falls, years pass, but in the KC electronica and psych scene, at least one thing remains constant: Dedric and Delaney Moore make good music. The brothers behind Monta At Odds have been at for a while and are quite good at what they do. What do they do? Check it out:

Return of the Fest III

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Here’s a fresh batch of KC Psychfest artist for your listening pleasures.


Golden Donna

Golden Donna hails from the exciting electronic and experimental scene in Madison, WI. The man behind the Donna is Joel Shanahan, a former guitarist for Julian Lynch. He dropped his first Golden Donna EP on bandcamp and was promptly signed to Not Not Fun records, so that’s pretty sweet. Check out the visuals for Paulding Light below, or hop onto his bandcamp for more previewing pleasures.


Expo 70

Expo 70 is an unknown known quantity. Spacial exploration, spatial exploration, really just exploration in general seems to be the way of Mr. Justin Wright. He’s Missouri’s ticket to the clouds, or the deepest brightest nebulas of space, and he’ll be at the ‘fest.


Karma Vision

Another repeat offender from last year, Karma Vision is back with us. The founders of Pizza Power in Lawrence will be back performing at KC Psychfest, and you will be back watching them. But first, watch them frolick backwards in animal masks.



Another local fellow, not that it’s a bad thing, KC’s got talent and we love to support it. Jim Button released Land of Plenty in 2009, and it was wonderful. Sometimes folksy, always toe tapping, completely enjoyable. He’s working on new material, and “Do Your Service” might just be a glimpse into what that new material may sound like.

Return of the Fest II

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Ok psychfesters, we’re back with another round of band announcements. MOAR BANDS. This batch features three touring acts and one that hails from our very own Lawrence, Kansas.


Samantha Glass

Samantha Glass is not a Samantha. In fact, he’s not even a she at all. Samantha Glass is the gender-confounded stage name of Madison, Wisconsin’s Beau Devereaux. Not Not Fun is due to drop his first full length project later this year, but for some good preview action check out his bandcamp. “Human Voice” is made up of ticking, plodding drum machines and impervious organ undertones. Get lost, in a good way.



From Moniker Records:

“Songs for Cadets id not a 37-minute barrage of Krauty, synth-drenched dance-pop from Miluakee’s scorching Stacian- it’s actually a coded training manual for intergalactic mercenaries, sent back in time from the year 2112. Life on earth has become unsustainable, and groups of young fighters have been enlisted by what’s left of the global government to colonize Jupiter 6, a rich earthlike planet out on the hostile fringes of the universe, populated by reptilian humanoids and robotic pterodactyls.

A 22nd-century Joan of Arc in dayglo armor, Stacian heads the sonic warfare division, wielding her synthesier like a light saber in a life-or-death contenst for control of the cosmic dance floor. Crisp, relentless drumbeats and rocket-engine bass vie with the echoing cries of those weird, metallic birds as Stacian rallies her troops into action- mandatory listening for future cadets.”

Enough said. Now listen.


C.J. Boyd

C.J. Boyd has been on tour since 2008. Which sounds crazy, but when you hear his music, you’ll understand where his head’s at on that one. Boyd is a phenomenal bassist with a knack for wandering, improvisational textures and walls of sound. He’s a minimalist with an eye for the overstatement. A bassist with an ear for melody. An artist you should listen to. Check out his website, but first listen to “Every time I don the ski mask”, better yet, do both at the same time.


Y[our] Fri[end]

Y[our] Fri[end] is Taryn Miller. And she’s reppin the middle of the map. I could spend a few sentences telling you about her, but it’s probably best if you just head on over to and watch the video she recorded for The Not So Late Show.

Like her on facebook.

Return of the Fest

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Good people, we have good news. The KC Psychfest is coming back for round two. On may 17th and 18th, we’ll be bringing you KC’s haziest and craziest. Here are the first four acts we’re announcing- more to come later.

Don’t act like you’re not excited, we can hear your rapidly accelerating heartbeat from here.



Brandon Knocke, graced us with his dripping, juicy synthtastic textures weaved into hip-hop worthy beats at KC Psychfest 2012, and we’re pleased to announce that he’ll be back with us this year. Knocke also makes music under the guises of Svamps, Brazilian Television, and Parts of Speech, so if you’re familiar with those groups, you’ve got even more reason to be excited. “Circular Motherboard” is the lead track from his debut LP Tunnels. It’s a smooth journey through the fabric of space-time, never ceasing in head bob-ability. Once that beat drops and the hypnotic bass figures creep into your psyche, there’s no escaping the discovery of Discoverer.

Check out his bandcamp, soundcloud, blog, or follow him on twitter @modernhug.



Matt Hill is the man behind Umberto, and he must be doing something right. Back in 2011 Umberto got a shout out on ALTERED ZONES, the now defunct sister blog of the all mighty Pitchfork. I guess Umberto outlasted the altered zone. We’re glad it worked out that way, because it leaves us with more creepy synth-scapes and less snotty music blogging. Umberto helped us close out last year’s show, and we’re ecstatic to have Umberto back for a second go round this year. “Everything Is Going To Be OK” is exactly what the title would imply, an anthem that lets you know everything is going to be ok. It sounds like something from the soundtrack of a low budget N64 game. That was a compliment.

Find more from Umberto on bandcamp and Facebook.



Bloodbirds are Mike Tuley, Brooke Tuley, and Anna St Louis. Their sound is post punk, garage-rock, fuzztastic, guitar-heavy, and pretty much everything we look for in a good time. “Divorce Sea” is from their album Psychic Surgery. It’s a howling, screeching, smash and grab.

Check out more from Bloodbirds on bandcamp, facebook, and their blog.


The Conquerors!

Thick guitar tears, energy on energy on energy. Rory Cameron, Christian O’Reilly, Jim Button, Vince Lawhon, and Mikee Pruitt make up the hazy local rockers known as The Conquerors, and they are out to… conquer. We’re beyond elated to have fthem with us again this year. Whet your appetite for fuzzy, unrefined, rock-n-roll with “Proxy Shady”.

Check out more from The Conquerors! on ReverbNation and MySpace.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more acts all month.

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