KC Psychfest 2012 Lineup Details

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We are excited to announce the details for all three nights of the KC Psychfest. The set times are staggered giving the audience the opportunity to witness each act’s set without inner conflict on choosing whom to see.

The Superego will control our visuals with projections and light show on each stage for full mind expansion. Tickets are available for purchase online at www.foklcenter.com or in person at Zebedee’s RPM, Love Garden, and Earwaxx. Individual days are $11 for Friday and Saturday and $8 for Sunday. The three day pass is available in limited supply at $21. Save a dollar if you purchase in person at one of the locations.

Friday on the Ego stage:
Thee Devotion
Restless Breed
Box The Compass
Monta At Odds
Mr. Marco’s V7
Friday on the Id stage:
Jorge Arana Trio
Sounding The Deep
South Bitch Diet
Saturday on the Ego stage:
The Conquerors
Gemini Revolution
Kevin Harris
Saturday on the Id stage:
CS Luxem
Carnal Torpor
Karma Vision
Expo 70
Vor Onus
Sunday on the Ego stage:
Dylan Ettinger


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We are proud to present the official list of bands for KC Psychfest May 18 – 20, 2012. 

Umberto, Dylan Ettinger, Be/Non, Expo 70, Mr. Marco’s V7, Monta At Odds, Metatone, CVLTS, Karma Vision, Goodwillies, The Conquerors, Gemini Revolution, Vor Onus, South Bitch Diet, Box The Compass, Plante, Sounding The Deep, Restless Breed, Import/Export, Scammers, Kevin Harris, Surroundher, Discoverer, Thee Devotion, Carnal Torpor, Jorge Arana Trio, Twofaced, Yam, CS Luxem, Yuo.

 Tickets can be pre-purchased online as a three-day pass or as individual days. Visit http://www.foklcenter.com/psychfest-tickets.html. 

Event sponsors lending support are Midwestern Musical Co., C&C Drums, Zebedee’s RPM, We Are Tribe, Love Garden, Boulevard Brewing Co., and Testimonial Video and more to be announced.

FOKL presents the KC Psychfest on May 18 and May 19

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Kansas City, Kansas, March 7 – FOKL Center gallery announces a two-day multimedia festival featuring psychedelic bands, live VJs, and visual artists from the KC Metro and Midwest.

After the announcement that Kanrocksas would be taking a break, FOKL felt that the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas would be let down without a major music festival. Teaming up with metro bands and artists, the KC Psychfest was imagined.

“The Kansas City Metro and Lawrence areas have cultivated their own musical definition of psychedelic music and we wanted to feature as many of them in one location for one major event.” Bands included are: Be/Non, Expo 70, Monta At Odds, Karma Vision, CVLTS, Goodwillies, The Conquerors and many more to be announced.

An event specific art sculpture video installation will be part of the event by featuring multiple live projections coinciding with the music. Art will be featured in the gallery, food trucks will be on site, merchandise tables hosted by Halcyon Diversified Trading and We Are Tribe, plus more news to come.

Tickets will be available online through the FOKL website.

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