Return of the Fest

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Good people, we have good news. The KC Psychfest is coming back for round two. On may 17th and 18th, we’ll be bringing you KC’s haziest and craziest. Here are the first four acts we’re announcing- more to come later.

Don’t act like you’re not excited, we can hear your rapidly accelerating heartbeat from here.



Brandon Knocke, graced us with his dripping, juicy synthtastic textures weaved into hip-hop worthy beats at KC Psychfest 2012, and we’re pleased to announce that he’ll be back with us this year. Knocke also makes music under the guises of Svamps, Brazilian Television, and Parts of Speech, so if you’re familiar with those groups, you’ve got even more reason to be excited. “Circular Motherboard” is the lead track from his debut LP Tunnels. It’s a smooth journey through the fabric of space-time, never ceasing in head bob-ability. Once that beat drops and the hypnotic bass figures creep into your psyche, there’s no escaping the discovery of Discoverer.

Check out his bandcamp, soundcloud, blog, or follow him on twitter @modernhug.



Matt Hill is the man behind Umberto, and he must be doing something right. Back in 2011 Umberto got a shout out on ALTERED ZONES, the now defunct sister blog of the all mighty Pitchfork. I guess Umberto outlasted the altered zone. We’re glad it worked out that way, because it leaves us with more creepy synth-scapes and less snotty music blogging. Umberto helped us close out last year’s show, and we’re ecstatic to have Umberto back for a second go round this year. “Everything Is Going To Be OK” is exactly what the title would imply, an anthem that lets you know everything is going to be ok. It sounds like something from the soundtrack of a low budget N64 game. That was a compliment.

Find more from Umberto on bandcamp and Facebook.



Bloodbirds are Mike Tuley, Brooke Tuley, and Anna St Louis. Their sound is post punk, garage-rock, fuzztastic, guitar-heavy, and pretty much everything we look for in a good time. “Divorce Sea” is from their album Psychic Surgery. It’s a howling, screeching, smash and grab.

Check out more from Bloodbirds on bandcamp, facebook, and their blog.


The Conquerors!

Thick guitar tears, energy on energy on energy. Rory Cameron, Christian O’Reilly, Jim Button, Vince Lawhon, and Mikee Pruitt make up the hazy local rockers known as The Conquerors, and they are out to… conquer. We’re beyond elated to have fthem with us again this year. Whet your appetite for fuzzy, unrefined, rock-n-roll with “Proxy Shady”.

Check out more from The Conquerors! on ReverbNation and MySpace.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more acts all month.