Return of the Fest III

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Here’s a fresh batch of KC Psychfest artist for your listening pleasures.


Golden Donna

Golden Donna hails from the exciting electronic and experimental scene in Madison, WI. The man behind the Donna is Joel Shanahan, a former guitarist for Julian Lynch. He dropped his first Golden Donna EP on bandcamp and was promptly signed to Not Not Fun records, so that’s pretty sweet. Check out the visuals for Paulding Light below, or hop onto his bandcamp for more previewing pleasures.


Expo 70

Expo 70 is an unknown known quantity. Spacial exploration, spatial exploration, really just exploration in general seems to be the way of Mr. Justin Wright. He’s Missouri’s ticket to the clouds, or the deepest brightest nebulas of space, and he’ll be at the ‘fest.


Karma Vision

Another repeat offender from last year, Karma Vision is back with us. The founders of Pizza Power in Lawrence will be back performing at KC Psychfest, and you will be back watching them. But first, watch them frolick backwards in animal masks.



Another local fellow, not that it’s a bad thing, KC’s got talent and we love to support it. Jim Button released Land of Plenty in 2009, and it was wonderful. Sometimes folksy, always toe tapping, completely enjoyable. He’s working on new material, and “Do Your Service” might just be a glimpse into what that new material may sound like.