Return of the Fest II

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Ok psychfesters, we’re back with another round of band announcements. MOAR BANDS. This batch features three touring acts and one that hails from our very own Lawrence, Kansas.


Samantha Glass

Samantha Glass is not a Samantha. In fact, he’s not even a she at all. Samantha Glass is the gender-confounded stage name of Madison, Wisconsin’s Beau Devereaux. Not Not Fun is due to drop his first full length project later this year, but for some good preview action check out his bandcamp. “Human Voice” is made up of ticking, plodding drum machines and impervious organ undertones. Get lost, in a good way.



From Moniker Records:

“Songs for Cadets id not a 37-minute barrage of Krauty, synth-drenched dance-pop from Miluakee’s scorching Stacian- it’s actually a coded training manual for intergalactic mercenaries, sent back in time from the year 2112. Life on earth has become unsustainable, and groups of young fighters have been enlisted by what’s left of the global government to colonize Jupiter 6, a rich earthlike planet out on the hostile fringes of the universe, populated by reptilian humanoids and robotic pterodactyls.

A 22nd-century Joan of Arc in dayglo armor, Stacian heads the sonic warfare division, wielding her synthesier like a light saber in a life-or-death contenst for control of the cosmic dance floor. Crisp, relentless drumbeats and rocket-engine bass vie with the echoing cries of those weird, metallic birds as Stacian rallies her troops into action- mandatory listening for future cadets.”

Enough said. Now listen.


C.J. Boyd

C.J. Boyd has been on tour since 2008. Which sounds crazy, but when you hear his music, you’ll understand where his head’s at on that one. Boyd is a phenomenal bassist with a knack for wandering, improvisational textures and walls of sound. He’s a minimalist with an eye for the overstatement. A bassist with an ear for melody. An artist you should listen to. Check out his website, but first listen to “Every time I don the ski mask”, better yet, do both at the same time.


Y[our] Fri[end]

Y[our] Fri[end] is Taryn Miller. And she’s reppin the middle of the map. I could spend a few sentences telling you about her, but it’s probably best if you just head on over to and watch the video she recorded for The Not So Late Show.

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